A downloadable game for Windows

You have gained the ability to manipulate the dice of fate, but such a power is coveted by the Baron.

Use your newfound ability to fight back!

How To Play:

  • WASD / Arrows to move the dice on the grid
  • You assemble your dice with the tiles you land on
  • You have 6 moves to build your attack, then you will roll your dice and attack the Baron
  • Be careful about your final position, as the Blue Dice of that column will be rolled against the Red Dice of that row, the Baron's attack
  • If the Baron breaks your defence you will lose health!
  • Bring the Baron to 0 HP to defeat him!


Music by Artyom Gulyaev

Submission to the GMTK 2022 Game Jam

Everything made within 48h


Runes_of_Ruin_v2.1.zip 45 MB

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